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Meet Our People 17-03-2023

2 min read

The woke leadership of Patricia Ramos, engineer, values integrity across the vast Grid Integration business unit

Hi. I’m Patricia Ramos de Almeida, a civil engineer, and I have been a part of Hitachi Energy for 15 years.

The trajectory to my current position began during my internship in other companies, where I worked in substation construction. I barely knew then that those experiences would serve as the solid base of my current role. I can coordinate the substation civil projects area across the vast Grid Integration BU because of the strong foundation built at the beginning of my career.

I now appreciate the essence of talent for career opportunities, regardless of gender.

My eyes light up every time our substation designs are executed and seen through completion. They provide the power we need to accelerate sustainable energy for all, every movement toward this goal is progress for society.

As a manager, I promote diversity to have a welcoming and receptive environment where all women are heard. After all, work is where we spend most of our days, and we need the freedom to be ourselves.

Today, I have a team of 50 percent female engineers, but 15 years ago, that would be unheard of — there were fewer women in the industry, and I managed 100 men in a substation project as the only woman in the team.

Seeing women now graduate as engineers working in an equal-opportunity company opens my eyes to a new world, to the future, and to how I choose to do my leadership. I now appreciate the essence of talent for career opportunities, regardless of gender.

I’m proud of how Hitachi Energy values integrity. It makes me happy to know that Hitachi Energy is a company with integrity, and this is a guiding value for everyday actions.

I'm proud of the company's concern for people's lives and safety. Our products and services make me very proud because they are the future, they contribute to the world's progress for generations to come.